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The Subject Was Roses (MOD)

Subject Was Roses, The (MOD)
Subject Was Roses, The (MOD)
Subject Was Roses, The (MOD)

The Subject Was Roses (MOD)

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A lovely gesture - a bouquet of roses - from husband to wife becomes the catalyst for a clash of long-repressed emotion in the movie adaptation of the Tony - and Pulitzer Prize®-winning stage hit The Subject Was Roses. Martin Sheen, as the son home from war, and Jack Albertson, Academy Award winner* as Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of the distant father, both appeared in the Broadway version, where Albertson had already captured a Tony Award for his powerful work. Patricia Neal plays the third side of the family triangle in a moving performance that earned her a Best Actress Oscar® nomination* and marked her triumphant return to the screen after a debilitating series of strokes.

Product Details

Actors: Patricia Neal, Jack Albertson, Martin Sheen,

Directors: Ulu Grosbard,

Writers: Frank Gilroy,

Genres: Drama,

Format: MOD - SD,


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