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Strangers All (MOD)

Strangers All (MOD)

Strangers All (MOD)

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Though they all live in and share the same home, the Carter children could not be more different. Murray Carter (Preston Foster), the shopkeeper, is the conscientious provider who keeps his mother, Anna (May Robson), and the family afloat after their father's passing. Dick Carter (William Bakewell) believes himself the greatest thespian since Barrymore, treating his family to a series of histrionic soliloquies. Lewis Carter (James Bush) is a budding revolutionary, too busy trying to overthrow the capitalist empire to hold down a job. College girl Lily Carter (Florine McKinney) carries the family's hopes for the future but returns from school with a scandalous secret. It is Anna's faith and love for all her offspring that acts as the glue that keeps her quarrelsome family together. But as Murray works to avoid economic ruin, Dick's selfish dreams and Lewis' rabble-rousing create stress that threatens to drive the Carters apart.

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