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The Story of Three Loves (MOD)

The Story of Three Loves (MOD)

The Story of Three Loves (MOD)

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A marvelous romance is a treat. Three marvelous romances in one film is an indulgence no fan should miss. Featuring some of the biggest stars of the 50s, The Story of Three Loves explores relationships - from the whimsical to the dramatic - recalled by passengers aboard a sleek ocean liner. In the first story, an impresario (James Mason) loses his heart to a lovely ballerina (Moira Shearer) with tragic results. Next, an elderly enchantress (Ethel Barrymore) uses magic to help a naive governess (Leslie Caron) find romance. Finally, a trapeze artist (Kirk Douglas) who was responsible for the death of his last partner trains a new one (Pier Angeli), a beautiful woman with a mysterious past. Three loves, three reasons to stay in tonight.

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Actors: Pier Angeli, Ethel Barrymore, Leslie Caron, Kirk Douglas, Fa, Farley Granger, James Mason, Moira Shearer, Agnes Moorehead,

Directors: Vincente Minnelli,

Writers: John Collier,

Genres: Drama, Romance,

Theatrical Release Date: 3/05/1953,

Format: Made To Order DVD,