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Spring is Here (1930) (MOD)

Spring is Here (1930) (MOD)

Spring is Here (1930) (MOD)

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When young Betty Braley (Bernice Claire) returns home at 5 a.m. in the company of mysterious newcomer Steve Alden (Lawrence Gray), her father (Ford Sterling, a Mack Sennett veteran) is furious! Steve is banished from the grounds of the family estate while the rest of the Braleys demand to know what happened to Betty's date from the night before, the much more suitable Terry Clayton (Alexander Gray). Alas, Betty is bored with nice guy Terry, and bad boy Steve makes her swoon after some moonlight serenading. Terry hasn't given up the fight and, thanks to some advice from Betty's sister Mary Jane (Inez Courtney), embarks on a series of comely conquests to make Betty jealous. This frothy musical concoction, adapted from a Rodgers & Hart stage show, costars Louise Fazenda and Frank Albertson and includes the hit songs "With a Song in My Heart" and "Yours Sincerely."

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