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Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) (MOD)

Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) (MOD)

Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) (MOD)


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"World's Leading Boxers Train Here Daily" says a sign outside Stillman's Gym. Thomas Rocco Barbella isn't a boxer. He's just a scrappy, desperate youth who needs dough. So he enters the gym, gives himself the made-up name of Rocky Graziano, signs on to spar for $10.and flattens a top light-heavyweight.

The name sticks. So does the impact of this inspiring tale about Graziano's rise from poverty and rage to the middleweight title. In his second film, Paul Newman plays the ring king, preparing for the role in part by meeting with Graziano to study his speech and ways. Robert Wise, who earlier captured the fight game in The Set-Up, directs this double Academy Award®-winner* with K.O. force. Unbilled Steve McQueen and Robert Loggia add to the film's many pleasures. Pull up a ringside seat. This is the stuff of champions.


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