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Soldier's Plaything, A

Soldier's Plaything, A

Soldier's Plaything, A

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The original ads for this early Michael Curtiz effort breathlessly informed us that "The boys are out of the front lines and are embracing the waistlines of Mademoiselle from Armentiers and Fraulein from Coblenz." And although there's embracing aplenty to be had in "A Soldier's Plaything," there quite a bit more as well. From the highest caliber of clowning from co-star Harry Langdon, to a tale that takes us from poker backroom to barrack mess to carousel caresses and from cynical cowardice to heroically reclaimed innocence, to a vision of men at war and peace that continually celebrates common humanity, this light confection leaves a lingering aftertaste. "A sweeping barrage of love and laughter," indeed. Also features Ben Lyon, Lotti Loder and Noah Beery.

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