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Soldier In The Rain (MOD)

Soldier In The Rain (MOD)

Soldier In The Rain (MOD)

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His own soda pop machine. Air conditioning. The finest cotton underwear. Someone else doing the work. That's M/Sgt. Maxwell Slaughter's (Jackie Gleason) game - and man, can he play it. Just ask Supply Sgt. Eustis Clay (Steve McQueen), who idolizes the big, shrewd, supremely self-confident older man. Maybe someday they can go into business together. In the meantime, how about a hot double date? So Clay fixes Slaughter up with a teenybopper named Bobby Jo (Tuesday Weld), a move that sets off a chain reaction of laughs and drama. Gleason and McQueen make a surprisingly engaging comedy team in this overlooked gem (co-scripted by Blake Edwards, who at this time was also embarking on The Pink Panther movie series) that showcases both stars' unique talents.

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Actors: Jackie Gleason, Steve Mcqueen, Tuesday Weld, Tony Bill, Tom, Tom Poston, Ed Nelson, Lew Gallo, Chris Noel,

Directors: Ralph Nelson,

Writers: Blake Edwards, William Goldman,

Genres: Comedy, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 11/27/1963,

Format: Made To Order DVD,