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So Long, Letty (MOD)

So Long, Letty (MOD)

So Long, Letty (MOD)

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Let's swap wives.perfectly innocently, of course! Wiseacre Letty Robbins switches places with the demure wife-next-door to impress her conventional (and rich) Uncle Claude - setting wives, husbands, uncles and various hanger-ons into a merry spin. Charlotte Greenwood, a full six feet (most of it legs) of comic talent and eccentric dance expertise, makes her movie debut by bringing her Broadway musical hit to the screen - and scoring another hit with Bijou audiences everywhere. Perhaps best known as Aunt Eller in the film version of Oklahoma!, Greenwood enjoyed six decades of success in vaudeville and on stage and screen. Romping through her signature role of Letty, she shows exactly why she was so long a fan favorite.