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Snowfire (1958)

Snowfire (1958)

Snowfire (1958)


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"White like the fallen snow, fire was his spirit, man was his foe" declares the omnipresent title song of this fondly remembered family favorite. Everyone wants to corral the majestic, free-roaming stallion called Snowfire - but the awesome animal takes a fancy only to 11-year-old Molly McGowan. Molly is determined to protect Snowfire from those who want to capture him, like her stalwart father (Don Megowan), a rival ranch owner (Claire Kelly) and her shifty trio of hired hands. Indeed, Molly believes the wild horse talks to her, and she even bets on it with a skeptical psychiatrist. You will too. A one-time TV staple of "children's movie" programming for baby boomers rarely seen in decades, Snowfire, from the team of brothers Dorrell McGowan and Stuart McGowan (veterans of Death Valley Days and Sky King ), finally gallops onto DVD, remastered in its original widescreen aspect ratio and with its low-budget but high-spirited sincerity intact. A genuine family affair in its creation and result, Snowfire is a white beauty.


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