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Slight Case Of Larceny

Slight Case Of Larceny

Slight Case Of Larceny

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How can a couple of goofball gas station owners make a buck when a big, shiny station opens across the street offering cut-price gas? Well, they could tap into a big oil company's fuel line, get their gas for free, and start a we-can't-lose price war. It's a perfect plan...until armed robbers and a lit cigarette carelessly tossed aside make it all go up in smoke. Slapstick comedy reigns in A Slight Case of Larceny, starring two of comedy's biggest stars: Mickey Rooney (the Andy Hardy series) and Eddie Bracken (The Miracle of Morgan 's Creek). Rooney plays Geechy Cheevers, the go-getter half of the hapless duo, who is sure financial success is just one hare-brained scheme away. Bracken is his old army buddy, a meek family man drawn against his better judgment into Geechy`s orbit. And that knockout who wins Geechy's heart is Elaine Stewart, a Life magazine cover girl and one of America's favorite pinups in the 1950s.