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Sky Full Of Moon

Sky Full Of Moon

Sky Full Of Moon

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Lanky ranch hand Harley "Tumbleweed" Williams ambles off to that sparkling desert watering hole called Las Vegas, intending to take part in the annual rodeo. A few coins later in one of the one-armed bandits at the Lucky 13 Club, and he jackpots all he needs for his rodeo sign-up fee and a shapely lot more: a casino change girl who takes a liking to the na?ve cowboy. Ultimately, Tumbleweed may also get in a heap of trouble because he trusts his blonde cutie a whit too much. Carleton Charpenter, who famously teamed with Debbie Reynolds for an "Abba Daba Honeymoon" showstopper in Two Weeks - with Love, plays affable Tumbleweed in this film that offers fascinating views of mid-20th century Las Vegas. Jan Sterling (Johnny Belinda) plays the girl who lassos the ranch hand's heart. And ever-reliable Keenan Wynn (Dr. Strangelove) portrays the boss of the Lucky 13 Club. Win some, lose some. But there'll always be a next rodeo for Tumbleweed.