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Sinners' Holiday

Sinners' Holiday

Sinners' Holiday

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Against the clatter and whirl of a beachside carnival comes the tale of the Delano family, operators of the carny's penny arcade. Among the Delano brood is reckless mama's boy a Harry, who seeks to make his fortune by pinching proceeds from a Speakeasy. When the bootleg boss confronts him, the panicked youth pulls the trigger, then conspires with his doting Ma in a desperate bid to beat a murder rap. Top-billed Grant Withers (as a sideshow barker) and Evalyn Knapp (as Harry's sister) play the main romantic duo in this early talkie. But what grabs interest now (and the attention of critics and studio execs then) is the presence of two dynamic stars, each appearing before the cameras for the first time: James Cagney (as brash Harry) and Joan Blondell (as Harry's wisecracking sweetie), reprising roles they played on stage in Penny Arcade. Goodbye, Broadway - hello, Hollywood. Two cinema legends first stepped onto the sound stage here.


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