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Sinner Take All (MOD)

Sinner Take All (MOD)

Sinner Take All (MOD)

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Death shadows the Lampier family after each member of the wealthy clan receives the same note threatening murder. Patriarch Aaron Lampier (Charley Grapewin) enlists the aid of crime reporter-turned-lawyer Ernie Hyams (Bruce Cabot) to bring his daughter, Lorraine (Margaret Lindsay), home. Ernie, however, ends up back on the crime beat working for his old boss MacKelvey (Stanley Ridges) at The Star, the newspaper that Lampier owns. While Ernie tracks down the remaining wayward Lampier children, the bodies start dropping one by one, starting with eldest son David (Theodore von Eltz), quickly followed by his brother, Stephen (George Lynn). As the mounting evidence points to Lorraine, Ernie finds an unlikely ally in gangster Frank Penny (Joseph Calleia). Together, the two launch a risky plan to clear Lorraine and ferret out the murderer. Packed with crisp dialogue, shocking murders and truly unexpected twists and turns, this fast-paced mystery is a B-movie delight. Internationally renowned newspaperwoman Dorothy Kilgallen has a cameo as one of Ernie's fellow reporters.

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