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She's Back on Broadway (MOD)

She's Back on Broadway (MOD)

She's Back on Broadway (MOD)

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There's big ballyhoo on Broadway: Catherine Terris is back, thinking a Great White Way smasheroo will spark her declining movie career. The musical she'll headline is a razzle-dazzler of warbling and wooing called Breakfast in Bed. An eager, talented cast is rehearsed and ready for some snappy showmanship. But the director, Catherine's old flame, is in a snit. He still loves her. And he's sure that once the rave reviews and box-office receipts roll in, she'll depart for Hollywood, just as she did six years earlier.

Virginia Mayo is the lovely she of She's Back on Broadway, a back stager that co-stars ever-reliable song-and-dance man Gene Nelson. Don't miss the trumpet-and-tap specialty by Condos and Brandow. Zowie!


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