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Shadow of Doubt

Shadow of Doubt

Shadow of Doubt

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After 22 years as a recluse in her New York home, wealthy dowager Melissa Pilson is stepping find the murderer of caddish movie producer Len Haworth. Is it the movie starlet (Virginia Bruce) who accepted Haworth's marriage proposal and who owns a Luger pistol matching the murder weapon? The debutante (Betty Furness) also affianced to Haworth? The songbird (Isabel Jewell) subjected to Haworth's advances? Pilson's beloved nephew (Ricardo Cortez), who wants to marry the starlet? A sneaky press agent? A butler who may have stolen the Luger? Auntie Pilson is on the case, matching wits and snappy repartee with an investigating detective (Edward Brophy) and ultimately revealing the killer in a dark-house gathering while thunder rumbles and gunshots ring out. In her first sound-era film, renowned stage actress and drama coach Constance Collier portrays grande dame Pilson. She's a sleuth to reckon with, no doubt about it.

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