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The Sell-Out

Sell-Out, The

The Sell-Out

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As far as the CIA and the KGB are concerned, the only good ex-spy is a dead one. After all, who knows what sensitive information an old spook may divulge? So in a chilling example of Cold War cooperation, the rivals strike a bargain to liquidate ex-agents either side wants offed. Next on their list: Gabriel Lee, an American agent who defected to the East, then decided to switch sides again. Lee's only hope of survival is the aid of another former spy, his aging mentor in the dangerous game of espionage - and the husband of Lee's one-time flame. Richard Widmark, Oliver Reed and Gayle Hunnicutt star in a complex cat-and-mouse thriller packed with double-crosses, conflicted motives and car-chasing, bomb-blasting action.

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