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The Secret Heart (MOD)

Secret Heart, The (MOD)

The Secret Heart (MOD)

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Widow Lee Addams is concerned about her stepdaughter Penny, a promising classical pianist. She knows Penny hides a secret heart, twisted by her fixation with her dead father. Hoping it will help, Lee arranges for a family holiday at the Addams' farm. There Penny finds a new obsession: her stepmother's devoted beau. Claudette Colbert and June Allyson square off in an emotionally and musically lush psychological drama propelled by eerie atmosphere and the added starpower of Walter Pidgeon and Lionel Barrymore. Nervous about performing her first dramatic role, Allyson turned to Colbert for guidance. The friendship that blossomed between them was so close that Colbert became the godmother of Allyson's first child.

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