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The Secret Bride

Secret Bride, The

The Secret Bride

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Shhhh. Don't spill the beans about beautiful Ruth Vincent (Barbara Stanwyck), the governor's daughter. Don't reveal that she's the secret bride of the DA who's investigating her father on a bribery charge, or he might be yanked off the case before he can find evidence to clear Dad's name. And don't let on that Ruth is risking her lovely neck to do some sleuthing on her own! Draped in furs and dripping with mystery, Stanwyck is every inch a cinema queen in this crisply paced combination of whodunit, courtroom drama and political thriller. William Dieterle (The Life of Emile Zola) directs, and two standouts in memorable '30s films costar: Warren William (the Perry Mason series) and Glenda Farrell (the Torchy Blane series).

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