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Search For The Gods (MOD)

Search For The Gods (MOD)

Search For The Gods (MOD)

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From an era when publications and talk shows speculated that space aliens had long ago come to Earth and left evidence of their visit comes Search for the Gods, a tale about three adventurers who come into possession of a mysterious medallion-like relic believed to be some of that evidence. Metallurgical tests show that the artifact is made of an unknown alloy. When a museum curator opines it is an interlocking piece to a larger item, the trio sets out in hopes of finding another relic. Meanwhile, others seek to buy the medallion - or kill for it. Stephen McHattie (Watchmen's Hollis Mason, aka Nite Owl) plays a drifter who receives the artifact from a Native American holy man. Top-billed Kurt Russell (six years before his iconic role as Snake Plissken in Escape from New York) plays the Taos, New Mexico townie who teams up with the drifter. And Victoria Racimo (Falcon Crest) rounds out the film's key trio.

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