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Sandokan the Great

Sandokan the Great

Sandokan the Great

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Steve Reeves - delivering widow-making rounds of machine-gun fire instead of hurling hunks of a temple wall as one of his typical Herculean characters would do - is nevertheless up to his turban in danger in Sandokan the Great. Fear not, Reeves fans. The muscular sword-and-sandals star still finds occasion to remove his shirt and showcase his Mr. Universe physique when he plays red-turbaned and sashed Sandokan, the princely "The Tiger of Malaysia" confronting human foes, beasts and the elements as he fights against British rule of his homeland. Riflemen ambush Sandokan and his band of insurgents. A fearsome Bengal tiger plunges our hero into a dagger-to-claw battle to survive. A monsoon strikes. Headhunters close in. British occupiers seize and imprison Sandokan and his men. Yet can any obstacle overwhelm the greatness that is Sandokan? Reeves reprised the role of the Malay stalwart in Sandokan, Pirate of Malaysia.

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