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Rover Dangerfield

Rover Dangerfield

Rover Dangerfield

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You know the voice, the mannerisms, the red necktie. And you know you'll laugh. Rover Dangerfield, written by Rodney Dangerfield and featuring his inimitable voice talents, is a cartoon fan's best friend. The makers of The Brave Little Toaster team with the comedy legend for this tuneful, all-family treat about a brave little dog whose every move and joke is purest Rodney, captured as the funnyman was filmed recording his lines so the animators could recreate his uproarious personality. We meet Rover in Las Vegas, living the good life of a high-rolling hound. But - win some, lose some - he's transplanted to a farm where he gets the barnyard blues. Soon he has new friends and adventures, setting up and begging the question of whether the pooch will be truly happy in his new home. Find out by calling Rover over.

Product Details

Directors: Bob Seeley,

Writers: Harold Ramis, Rodney Dangerfield,

Genres: Animation, Comedy,

Theatrical Release Date: 8/02/1991,

Format: MOD - SD,


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