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Rosalie (MOD)

Rosalie (MOD)

Rosalie (MOD)

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Nelson Eddy's rich baritone, Eleanor Powell's astonishing footwork and songs by Cole Porter - what more could a musical fan wish for? Wrapped in a deliciously preposterous story concerning a Balkan princess, a West Point football hero, a daring solo flight across the Atlantic, court intrigue and star-crossed romance, Rosalie lured huge film audiences with its knockout blend of top cast (including future The Wizard of Oz co-stars Ray Bolger and Frank Morgan) and magnificent music. Eddy sings two evergreen Porter songs: the haunting In the Still of the Night and the title tune, reprised to feature Powell at her most dazzling in a number that defines spectacle: a 60-acre, 27-camera, 2000-people paragon of screen-filling wow.

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Actors: Nelson Eddy, Eleanor Powell, Frank Morgan, Edna May Oliver, Ray Bolger, Ilona Massey, Reginald Owen, Tom Rutherford,

Directors: W.S. Van Dyke,

Writers: William Anthony Mcguire,

Genres: Comedy, Musical,

Theatrical Release Date: 12/24/1937,

Format: Made To Order DVD,