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Road To Paradise/Week-End Marriage

Road To Paradise/Week-End Marriage

Road To Paradise/Week-End Marriage

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17-year-old Loretta Young plays dual roles in the torrid melodrama Road to Paradise, playing twin girls from both sides of the tracks. Always on the lookout for thrills, teen delinquent Mary Brennan (Young) agrees to help a criminal gang infiltrate her long-lost twin Margaret Waring's (also Young) society manse by impersonating her. Unfortunately a handsome resident detects a rougher than normal edge about Miss Waring. Next, Loretta drops the street shoes for slippers playing dedicated housewife Lola Davis in the marriage melodrama Week-End Marriage. After Lola's husband (Norman Foster) loses his job, Lola sets out to be the breadwinner, and succeeds. But it's a success that might just be too much for her husband's pride. Has she saved her marriage only to see it ruined?

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