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The Reluctant Debutante

Reluctant Debutante, The
Reluctant Debutante, The
Reluctant Debutante, The

The Reluctant Debutante

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It's social season in London, and amid the swirl of coming-out balls the aristocratic Broadbents (real-life marrieds Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall) are intent on giving their American-educated 17-year-old daughter Jane (Sandra Dee) the right entry into society and a proper upper-class beau. One complication: flighty Mabel Claremont (Angela Lansbury) is eager to match that same beau with her daughter. And another: Jane, of course, has her own ideas about these matters - and an eye for a guy (John Saxon) who's a drummer in the dance band. Comedy is in season for The Reluctant Debutante, a rib-tickler of societal foibles and follies given spirited direction by Vincente Minnelli and featuring a full dance card of deft badinage.

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Actors: Rex Harrison, Kay Kendall, John Saxon, Sandra Dee, Angela Lansbury, Peter Myers, Diane Clare,

Directors: Vincente Minnelli,

Writers: William Douglas Home,

Genres: Comedy, Romance,

Theatrical Release Date: 8/14/1958,

Format: MOD - SD,


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