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Red Sun (MOD)

Red Sun (MOD)

Red Sun (MOD)

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International cinema superstars Charles Bronson, Toshiro Mifune and Alain Delon form the three points of a deadly triangle in this East-meets-West Western from director Terence Young (Wait Until Dark). The outlaw Link (Bronson) and samurai Kuroda (Mifune) must work together to recover a stolen jewel-encrusted sword - a priceless gift from the Japanese emperor to the President of the United States that was stolen in a train robbery masterminded by Link. During the robbery, Link was betrayed and left for dead by his number two, the ruthless Gauche (Delon). In a bid to bring Gauche to them, Link and Kuroda kidnap Gauche's object of affection, Cristina (Ursula Andress). And honor demands that this manhunt be completed in seven days, or Kuroda must kill himself.

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