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The Rainmakers

Rainmakers, The

The Rainmakers

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At the height of their powers - and the height of the infamous Dust Bowl Disaster - comedy team supreme Wheeler and Woolsey brought The Rainmakers to a laugh-parched public. As Roscoe the Rainmaker and his sidekick, destitute farmer Billy, Woolsey and Wheeler play a pair of unlikely saviors to the desperate, draught afflicted town of Lima Junction, Ca. Armed with his patented Magno-Magnetizer, Roscoe is ready to deliver the badly needed cloudburst Lima Junction needs while Billy is ready to romance banker's daughter Margie (Dorothy Lee). Unfortunately for the pair, wealthy land speculating farmer Simon Parker (Berton Churchill) and his son Orville (George Meeker) have their own designs on the land and lady. Finding themselves sabotaged, Billy and Roscoe fight back the best way possible: by staging a train wreck!

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