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Race Street (MOD)

Race Street (MOD)

Race Street (MOD)

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George Raft and William Bendix costar as childhood chums operating on either side of the law, who come up against the syndicate, in this noir drama set in postwar San Francisco. Raft plays Dan Gannin, a bookie looking to get square after meeting the perfect dame, while Bendix plays Lt. Barney Runson, a cop whose heart is bigger than his badge. As the mob starts to muscle in on the Bay's loose affiliation of independent operators, they lean a little too hard on Dan's number two and best pal from the hood, Hal (Harry Morgan). Dan puts his dreams of the straight and narrow on hold and sets out to settle the score while Barney tries desperately to convince his friend to try it his way for once. And Dan's perfect dame, socialite Robbie Lawrence (Marilyn Maxwell), is caught between them, while harboring a secret or two of her own. Produced under the aegis of legendary studio honcho Dore Schary.


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