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Public Defender (1931) (MOD)

Public Defender (1931) (MOD)

Public Defender (1931) (MOD)

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Richard Dix stars as Pike Winslow, a bumbling heir to a large fortune. Winslow is also The Reckoner, a mysterious avenger and investigator who always leaves behind a business card printed with the scales of justice. He leads a pair of justice-minded vigilantes - The Professor (Boris Karloff) and Doc (Paul Hurst) - to vindicate a bank officer framed by his crooked partners for the financial institution's collapse. In the same year of this milestone Western Cimarron, Richard Dix top-billed this 1931 crime drama that undoubtedly offered a bit of cinematic fulfillment for patrons chafing over Great Depression banking crises. 1931 was also a banner year for costar Boris Karloff, as his appearance as The Professor preceded his career-making role in Frankenstein by mere months.