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Pick A Star

Pick A Star

Pick A Star

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Jack Haley (the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz) stars in this smorgasbord of entertainment, highlighted by hilarious vignettes from those masters of slapstick, Laurel & Hardy. Bumbling Joe Jenkins (Haley) sells his garage and moves to Hollywood, attempting to land an audition for Cecilia (Rosina Lawrence), the girl he loves. Meanwhile, Cecilia serendipitously meets womanizing movie star Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer), and, along with her wisecracking sister Nellie (Patsy Kelly), they luck into a free trip to Tinseltown. Led to the studio by Lopez, Cecilia is smitten with the showbiz bug as she experiences a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of a big musical number, a classic barroom brawl sequence and Laurel & Hardy in their finest comedic form. A delightful gem, Pick a Star has it all: singing, dancing, comedy and romance.

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Actors: Rosina Lawrence, Stan Laurel, Lyda Roberti, Mischa Auer, Pat, Patsy Kelly, Oliver Hardy, Jack Haley,

Directors: Edward Sedgwick,

Writers: Arthur V. Jones, Richard Flournoy,

Genres: Comedy, Musical,

Theatrical Release Date: 5/21/1937,

Format: Made To Order DVD,