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Penrod and Sam (MOD)

Penrod and Sam (MOD)

Penrod and Sam (MOD)

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Few novels are as loved as Penrod and Sam, Booth Tarkington's warmhearted evocation of growing up in small-town America. This first talkie film version is a charmer, capturing the adventures, laughs and sorrows of the book. Best pals Penrod and Sam are leaders of a super-secret neighborhood society, the In-Or-In Boys Club. Troubles arise when a pompous prig tries to join the club and when the boys lose their clubhouse in a land sale. But there's also plenty of time to play pranks, put on a carnival, experience the pangs of first love, and romp with Duke, the world's best dog. William Beaudine directs. Exceptionally prolific, amassing nearly 400 directing credits during his career, Beaudine would later demonstrate the same skill with childhood stories he proves in this film with the popular 1950's TV shows The Adventures of Spin and Marty and The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.

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