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Passion Flower (1930) (MOD)

Passion Flower (1930) (MOD)

Passion Flower (1930) (MOD)


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Dulce (Kay Francis) and Cassy (Kay Johnson) have always been closer than cousins, so it's only natural that Cassy should come to Dulce with the news that she's in love. But even Dulce's insouciance turns to shock when she learns that the man in question is Dan Wallace (Charles Bickford), the family chauffeur. Banished by her father, Cassy accepts the hospitality and help offered by Dulce and her older, rich husband, Tony Morado (Lewis Stone). Cassy and her love are soon married, but the prideful Dan is determined to make a go of it without Dulce and Tony's help. Five years and the arrival of children force him to swallow his pride and return to the Morados.but Dulce now has designs of her own on Dan. This pre-Code drama from celebrated silent-film director William de Mille (older brother of Cecil) showcases the rising-star talent of Kay Francis, and helped cement her sophisticated seductress persona.


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