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Parachute Jumper (MOD)

Parachute Jumper (MOD)

Parachute Jumper (MOD)


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"I'm a stenographer without a typewriter to pound, a piece of gum to chew or a place to put it!" In Central Park, a plucky blonde named Alabama (Bette Davis) explains Depression realities to Bill (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.), an ex-Marine pilot who's likewise out of a job. They strike up a romance that leads them straight into danger when Bill finally finds employment.with a bootlegger. Bill thinks he's flying premium booze from Canada to Prohibition-era America. Unknown to him, his contraband also includes narcotics. Only a cool head and acrobatic piloting skills can save Bill from both the Border Patrol and his ruthless boss. A top supporting cast - Frank McHugh, Leo Carrillo and Claire Dodd - join the stars in "a fast-moving tale of adventure in the air and on earth.a racy affair, with glimpses of airplane crashes and others depicting men leaping from flying machines with parachutes" (Mordaunt Hall, The New York Times).


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