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Over the Wall (1938) (MOD)

Over the Wall (1938) (MOD)

Over the Wall (1938) (MOD)

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Warner Bros.' celebrated "Singing Cowboy" Dick Foran trades in his leathers for a prison jumper in this tale of crime and redemption based upon a story by Sing Sing's famed reformer warden Lewis E. Lawes (20,000 Years in Sing Sing, You Can't Get Away with Murder, Invisible Stripes). Foran plays street tough Jerry Davis, a natural born crooner who would rather fight his way to the top. Jerry think he's on his way when he gets the go-ahead from boxing promoter Eddie Edwards (Ward Bond), but Eddie is as corrupt as they come and sets Jerry up for a fall. Enraged, Jerry lets his fists do the talking and soon ends up framed for murder. Sentenced to Sing Sing, he comes to the attention of prison chaplain Father Neil Connor (John Litel), a prison reformer who host a most unusual variety show - broadcast from within the walls of the prison! But a death-bed confession propels Jerry on the path of vengeance just as salvation is within reach.

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