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Out West With The Hardys

Out West With The Hardys

Out West With The Hardys


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When Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) gets a cry for help from his old school chum Dora (Nana Bryant), he packs the whole clan up and heads out west to help her save her ranch. Landing where the buffalo roam, Judge Hardy sets to "researches and strategizes" for a legal answer to Dora's water rights issues while Andy (Mickey Rooney) tries to pass as a Westerner with disastrous results. And to compound the complications, sister Marian (Cecilia Parker) finds herself falling for the ranch's foreman and announces her plan to marry him. The sage Judge Hardy tests Marian's plans by setting her up in a "trial marriage." Meanwhile, Andy takes off on a quest to undo the damage he has done, but saving Dora's ranch might just prove to be beyond the Judge's skill.


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