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One Night At Susie's (MOD)

One Night At Susie's (MOD)

One Night At Susie's (MOD)

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If you're a mobster, a kept criminal, a cheat or a con, you're welcome at Susie's place. When Susie isn't mediating a gang-war ceasefire or finding a job for a young hoodlum, she dotes on her one claim to respectability: her foster son Dick Rollins, a law-abiding Broadway press agent. Then Dick falls in love with a chorus cutie who shoots a lecherous Broadway producer, and gallant Dick takes the rap. Next stop: Sing Sing. Douglas Fairbanks, jr. stars as Dick in the last of his seven movies released in 1930; his next film role would be Joe Massara in the gangster classic Little Caesar. Billie Dove plays the chorus girl with the itchy trigger finger. One of filmdom's biggest stars in the silent era, dubbed the American Beauty, Dove played the princess swept away by the swashbuckling charms of Fairbanks' famous father in the 1926 smash hit The Black Pirate.

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