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Oh God You Devil (1984) (MOD)

Oh God You Devil (1984) (MOD)

Oh God You Devil (1984) (MOD)

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Legendary George Burns is back - twice over - in both title roles in a comedy match up that really cooks! He plays devil-turned-agent Harry Tophet, who's transformed struggling musician Billy Shelton (Ted Wass) into a superstar rock idol. Naturally, their contract involves possession of the latter's soul - and a deal's a deal in the eternal scheme of things. Unless, of course, God intervenes.

Thanks to magical photographic trickery, Burns as God takes on Burns as Devil in a Las Vegas poker game where the stakes get raised from Shelton's soul to everyone's. Who wins? With Burns delivering line after line of a script by Andrew Bergman (Blazing Saddles, The In-Laws) with impeccable style and timing, how can you lose?

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Actors: George Burns, Ted Wass, Ron Silver, Roxanne Hart, Eugene Roche, Robert Desiderio,

Directors: Paul Bogart,

Writers: Andrew Bergman,

Genres: Comedy,

Theatrical Release Date: 11/09/1984,

Format: Made To Order DVD,