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Nick Carter Mysteries 3X (MOD)

Nick Carter Mysteries 3X (MOD)

Nick Carter Mysteries 3X (MOD)

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Private eye Nick Carter's detective adventures encompassed over 1000 stories, a 1943-1955 radio series and, among his screen heroics, these three MGM "Bs" starring Walter Pidgeon (soon to be Greer Garson's costar in nine films, including Mrs. Miniver). In Nick Carter, Master Detective, someone is sabotaging the creation of an innovative high-speed aircraft at Radex Corporation. Can Carter, posing as an executive at Radex, unmask the culprits and save the project? Phantom Raiders has Carter taking on a deadly case involving the mysterious sinking of cargo ships leaving Col�n, Panama. In Sky Murder, our hero exposes an anti-U.S. spy operation while protecting a woman marked for death. Sharing the adventures and adding to the frequently comic tone of the storylines is beekeeper and Carter's assistant "Beeswax" (Donald Meek), who sometimes sends a fistful of bees into action to help him escape a dire situation.


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