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The Next Voice You Hear (MOD)

Next Voice You Hear, The (MOD)

The Next Voice You Hear (MOD)

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That voice on the radio, claiming to be God? Must be a prank by a kid on his ham radio. Or maybe it's something by Orson Welles. Or perhaps the Russkies have a secret transmitter. But as occurrences mount worldwide, people become convinced: the voice claiming to be God. The Smiths of suburban Los Angeles - husband Joe (James Whitmore), wife Mary (future U.S. First Lady Nancy Davis) and son Johnny (Gary Gray) - find their lives challenged by the mysterious radio encounters in this movie parable directed by William A. Wellman. The Next Voice You Hear. treads where few films go. And it was made "on a low-budget, short-shooting schedule that almost passes for a miracle itself" (Time).

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Actors: James Whitmore, Nancy Davis, Gary Gray, Lillian Bronson, Art Smith, Tom D'Andrea, Jeff Corey,

Directors: William A. Wellman,

Writers: Charles Schnee,

Genres: Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 6/29/1950,

Format: MOD - SD,


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