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Mystery In Mexico

Mystery In Mexico

Mystery In Mexico


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A young Robert Wise (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Sound of Music) directs this on-location mystery noir shot in Mexico City and Cuernavaca. When a diamond necklace goes missing in Mexico, so too does the insurance investigator tasked with its retrieval. A second investigator, Steve Hasting (William Lundigan), is summarily dispatched down south to retrieve jewel and agent both. Hasting sets his sights on the missing agent's sister, Victoria (Jacqueline White), and gets an eyeful - and how! Not sure where her loyalties lie, Steve sticks close while trolling the back streets in search of clues, thanks to the aid of an ever-so-helpful local driver and guide, Carlos (Tony Barrett). But the land of the Azteca mixes menace and enchantment, and Steve and Victoria find themselves swept up into the seductive world of a wealthy night club owner (Ricardo Cortez at his duplicitous best) and his sultry chanteuse (Jacqueline Dalya).

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