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My Blood Runs Cold (MOD)

My Blood Runs Cold (MOD)

My Blood Runs Cold (MOD)

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Julie (Joey Heatherton) is a spoiled young heiress on the California coast, so weary of her wealth she wrecks cars for fun and so bored of her fianc?e's "fumbling in the dark" that she longs for freedom. Liberation comes in the form of Ben (Troy Donhaue), a sandy-haired stranger who swears that he and Julie were lovers in a former life - their own ancestors, in fact. Surprisingly, Julie's aunt (Jeanette Nolan) confirms every one of Ben's eerie recollections. Although a caretaker turns up murdered and suspicion turns to Ben, there's romance in the salty air. But as the couple elopes off to sea, a storm breaks out. Atmospherically directed by veteran character actor and thriller specialist William Conrad (Two on a Guillotine), this chilling Gothic mystery is sure to heat up your plasma.

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Actors: Nicolas Coster, Joey Heatherton, Jeanette Nolan, Barry Sulli, Barry Sullivan, Troy Donahue,

Directors: William Conrad,

Writers: John Mantley, John Meredyth Lucas,

Genres: Horror, Thriller,

Theatrical Release Date: 1/01/1965,

Format: Made To Order DVD,