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My Blood Runs Cold (MOD)

My Blood Runs Cold (MOD)

My Blood Runs Cold (MOD)

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Julie (Joey Heatherton) is a spoiled young heiress on the California coast, so weary of her wealth she wrecks cars for fun and so bored of her fianc�e's "fumbling in the dark" that she longs for freedom. Liberation comes in the form of Ben (Troy Donhaue), a sandy-haired stranger who swears that he and Julie were lovers in a former life - their own ancestors, in fact. Surprisingly, Julie's aunt (Jeanette Nolan) confirms every one of Ben's eerie recollections. Although a caretaker turns up murdered and suspicion turns to Ben, there's romance in the salty air. But as the couple elopes off to sea, a storm breaks out. Atmospherically directed by veteran character actor and thriller specialist William Conrad (Two on a Guillotine), this chilling Gothic mystery is sure to heat up your plasma.

Product Details

Actors: Nicolas Coster, Joey Heatherton, Jeanette Nolan, Barry Sullivan, Troy Donahue,

Directors: William Conrad,

Writers: John Mantley, John Meredyth Lucas,

Genres: Horror, Thriller,

Theatrical Release Date: 1/01/1965,

Format: MOD - SD,


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