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Murder, My Sweet (BD)

Murder, My Sweet (BD)

Murder, My Sweet (BD)

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Dick Powell stars as Raymond Chandler's hard-bitten, world-weary private detective, Philip Marlowe, in this classic film noir adaptation of Chandler's novel "Farewell, My Lovely". Marlowe takes a job looking for Moose Malloy's (Mike Mazurki) girlfriend Velma. Malloy's a petty criminal just released after a seven-year prison sentence, and Velma has not been seen for six years. But a simple missing-person case becomes much more twisted than Marlowe ever anticipated as initially promising clues lead to a complex web of deceit, bribery, perjury and theft, in which no one's motivation is clear ... least of all Marlowe's.

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Actors: Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley, Otto Kruger, Mike Mazurki, Miles Mander, Douglas Walton, Don Douglas,

Directors: Edward Dmytryk,

Writers: John Paxton,

Genres: Crime, Detective, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery, Suspense,

Theatrical Release Date: 12/09/1944,

Format: Made To Order Blu-ray,