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Miracle in the Wilderness

Miracle in the Wilderness

Miracle in the Wilderness

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Kris Kristofferson (A Star is Born) is Jericho Adams, a tough frontiersman who has left his violent, gun-slinging days behind for the love of his wife Dora (Kim Cattrall, Sex and the City) and their child. A raiding party of Blackfeet Indians set fire to the Adams' house taking Jericho, his wife and his son hostage. The Blackfeet chief is seeking revenge for his son, killing in self-defense by Jericho many years before - and now the chief aims to take Dora's son in place of his own - after killing Jericho. But Dora's gentle spirit makes the Indians believe that she has magic as she tells them the Christmas story of how God sacrificed his only son to save mankind. The message is clear - but will the chief let the story change his mind so that Jericho and his family may live?

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Actors: Kris Kristofferson, Kim Cattrall, John Dennis Johnston, Rino, Rino Thunder, David Oliver,

Directors: Kevin James Dobson,

Genres: Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 12/01/1992,

Format: Made To Order DVD,