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Mike's Murder (MOD)

Mike's Murder (MOD)

Mike's Murder (MOD)

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His name was Mike. That's all Betty really knew about him. But now some dangerous people know too much about her. The next stop for the killers who carried out Mike's Murder may be Betty's house. Following their Urban Cowboy teamwork, writer/director "Jim Bridges draws a dynamic performance from Debra Winger" (Guy Flatley, Cosmopolitan) as Betty in this chilling mystery. Innocently in love with wayward Mike (Mark Keyloun), she doesn't attach any significance to his dropping out of her life for months, then suddenly returning. She should. Mike moves in a shadowy world of drugs and violence - one soon to have frightening repercussions for Betty. Winger's flawless work has the impact of real life. So does Bridges' use of setting. He captures Los Angeles' moods as few filmmakers have. In this powerful movie, both the people and the place give killer performances.

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Actors: Debra Winger, Mark Keyloun, Paul Winfield, Darrell Larson, B, Brooke Alderson, Dan Shor, William Ostrander, Mark Brandon,

Directors: James Bridges,

Writers: James Bridges,

Genres: Crime, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 3/09/1984,

Format: Made To Order DVD,