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Men of the North (1930) (MOD)

Men of the North (1930) (MOD)

Men of the North (1930) (MOD)

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Sgt. Mooney of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police is dispatched to the frozen tundra with orders to catch the daring thief who stole a shipment of gold. Mooney's suspicions immediately fall upon the dashing, devil-may-care trapper Louis LeBey (Gilbert Roland), known as "The Fox." While LeBey tries to stay one step ahead of the indefatigable sergeant, his eye is caught by Nedra Ruskin, who is visiting her father, gold-mine owner John Ruskin (Arnold Korff). Local girl Woolie-Woolie (Nina Quatero), jealous of LeBey's feelings for Nedra, sets up LeBey by giving Sgt. Mooney the goods on the stolen gold. LeBey flees to the wilderness with the Mounties in hot pursuit, but an accident compels him to come to Mooney's rescue while an avalanche looms. This lean and jaunty action romance comes to us courtesy of legendary producer/director Hal Roach and is chock-full of his customary kinetic aplomb.


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