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Men in White (MOD)

Men in White (MOD)

Men in White (MOD)

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Healers.scientists...visionaries. They are the Men in White. And when one of these dedicated young doctors is played by Clark Gable, fans know they're in for something special. The world would have to wait until George Clooney's work in ER for another star who could bring such virile charisma to the medical profession. In this film based on Sidney Kingsley's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Gable portrays Dr. George Ferguson, an intern involved with the spoiled, headstrong heiress he loves (frequent Gable co-star Myrna Loy) and the sweet, gentle nurse who loves him (Elizabeth Allen). But when sudden tragedy strikes, Dr. Ferguson discovers his greatest devotion is to his patients, his brilliant mentor (Jean Hersholt) - and his calling as a man of medicine.


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