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Master Race, The (MOD)

Master Race, The (MOD)

Master Race, The (MOD)

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"The Third Reich has proven a failure. The battle is lost.I have only one request to make: stay alive. Preserve our Master Race!" Col. Von Beck prepares his hate-filled followers to continue the depraved quest for racial dominance in this cautionary tale that alerted post-D-Day American audiences to the continuing threat of Nazi ideology. The story is set in a small Belgium village, a microcosm of a world eager for Allied peace but still vulnerable to Nazi lies, trickery and violence. George Coulouris plays Von Beck, insinuating himself into the village to sow suspicion and death. And, as a headstrong Belgian patriot, Lloyd Bridges stands out in one of his early roles.

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Actors: Osa Massen, Nancy Gates, Lloyd Bridges, George Coulouris, St, Stanley Ridges, Carl Esmond,

Directors: Herbert J. Biberman,

Writers: Anne Froelich, Herbert J. Biberman, Rowland Leigh,

Genres: Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 9/22/1944,

Format: Made To Order DVD,