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Massacre River (MOD)

Massacre River (MOD)

Massacre River (MOD)

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The Wachupi River winds through a wilderness of austere grandeur in the American West. But after years of bloodshed between white settlers and native Americans defending their ancestral lands, it has earned an ominous nickname: Massacre River. Before they were among TV 's early Western heroes for pint-sized baby boomers, Guy Madison (Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok) and Rory Calhoun (The Texan) teamed up in this atmospheric Western to play frontier soldiers stationed near the Wachupi. At first the men are rivals for the affections of two women: their commanding officer's demure daughter and a jaded beauty who arrives in town with a deed to the local hotel. But when warring Indians attack, the rivals become brothers in arms to defend themselves and each other. Iron Eyes Cody costars as a proud chief who demands that the U.S. government respect its treaty with his people.

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