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Married Before Breakfast (MOD)

Married Before Breakfast (MOD)

Married Before Breakfast (MOD)

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After years of missteps, Tom Wakefield (Robert Young) succeeds in selling his razorless shaving cream for the life-changing sum of $250,000 and promptly goes on a madcap spending spree, much to the dismay of his levelheaded fianc�e, June Baylin (June Clayworth). Friends and strangers alike soon find themselves on the receiving end of Tom's extravagant generosity, from the crew of eccentrics he rooms with to Kitty (Florence Rice), the cruise-ship agent who sells Tom tickets for a trip around the world. Tom learns that Kitty's fianc�, insurance agent Kenneth (Hugh Marlowe), won't marry her until he sells a policy to an impossible-to- insure client to win a promotion. Promising Kitty she'll be wed before the next day ends, Tom, Kitty and Tweed (Barnett Parker) - Tom's newly hired valet - embark on a series of wild misadventures that do, indeed, end with Kitty at the altar. Just not with Kenneth!

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