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Marine Boy: The Complete Second Season (MOD)

Marine Boy: The Complete Second Season (MOD)

Marine Boy: The Complete Second Season (MOD)

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Marine Boy returns for a second volume of classic "American anime" adventures! Operating out of the Ocean Patrol Marine Headquarters, superscientist Dr. Mariner has outfitted his stalwart son with all the aquatic accoutrements he will need in his quest to keep the seas safe for all mankind. From Oxy-Gum and bulletproof wet suit to flying subs and propeller shoes, Marine Boy has what it takes to face a variety of fearsome foes above and below the ocean's surface. So dive deep into this 3-Disc, 26-Episode Collection as villains like Skwid, Stormbrane, Count Shark, Professor Beelzebub and Captain Wraithand more learn to beware the boomerang of Marine Boy as he cruises the sea aboard the submarine P-1 alongside little Clicli, Professor Fumble, mermaid Neptina, dolphin best friend Splasher, and Ocean Patrol agents Bullton and Piper. As the title song tells you, "he's a very special boy!"

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