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Marine Boy: The Complete First Season (MOD)

Marine Boy: The Complete First Season (MOD)

Marine Boy: The Complete First Season (MOD)

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Marine Boy, the original "American anime" classic is here, at last! Produced in Japan but intended for US audiences, Marine Boy was one of the first color cartoons to come from Japan, soon to be sharing syndicated screen space with the likes of Kimba the White Lion and Speed Racer (with whom it shares a number of voice actors). Teenage Marine Boy battles evil on and under the seas on behalf of the Ocean Patrol - aided by the amazing inventions of his father, Dr. Mariner and the brilliant Professor Fumble. Joining Marine Boy in his mission are his white dolphin, Splasher, young mermaid Neptina, and fellow Ocean Patrol agents Bullton and Piper. Adding complication to the mission are the efforts of to CliCli prove himself a miniature Marine Boy. So break out your Oxy-Gum and get ready to dive into the amazing aquatic animated adventures in the first season of Marine Boy!

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